Sunday, September 15, 2013

Concerning the i library

During the last few days, the spinof library that is the i library has seen many changes. I've refactored it into subpackages (i, hoi, icon, iadapt, ityped, itk), added tests and examples, and a first draft of a documentation is up on Over the next days I will add to the documentation and examples.

The hoi package is the Higher Order Iterator package, as such it contains mainy useful higher order functions to use with iterators. As of today it contains the following iterators:
Documentation for those functions is up on GoDoc.

As a result of the refactoring, I've had to go back over some of the examples in chapter 4 and change the code in the hog repository. I've also gone through the past blogposts and updated the links to files in the i repository.

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